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         Two deadline deals the Astros could make this week

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Two deadline deals the Astros could make this week

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One of the busiest periods in baseball’s calendar has arrived The trade deadline is merely days away, and now that the majority of teams are either clear buyers or sellers, more reasonable trade speculation can commence. The Astros are among the American League’s elite and will surely be looking to add to their big-league roster. Let’s explore two trades general manager James Click could swing.Chicago Cubs trade: RP Craig KimbrelHouston Astros trade: RP Bryan AbreuRHP Alex Santos IIRHP Peter SolomonSynopsis: The Astros address their greatest weakness by landing the trade market’s top reliever, while the Cubs add a young, big-league arm with late-inning potential, as well as a pair of solid starting pitching prospects. By all accounts and reports, Kimbrel seems to be at the top of the Astros’ wish list, and for good reason. Despite being 33, the eight-time All-Star has been arguably the best reliever in baseball in 2021 and could be extremely valuable in October.Additionally, Kimbrel is unlikely to just be a rental, as he has a 2022 club option worth $16 million that’s likely to be exercised by whichever team acquires him.As talented as Abreu is, he’s been volatile and at this point isn’t an arm the Astros could feasibly rely on to pitch high-leverage innings in the postseason. It’s no secret the club is in short supply of those types, which would warrant a trade of this magnitude.According to various evaluators such as FanGraphs’ Eric Longenhagen and The Athletic’s Keith Law, Santos and Solomon both have the potential to be viable big-league starters. In April, Longenhagen ranked Solomon the Astros’ No. 9 prospect and Santos at No. 15.Santos, the Astros’ top draft pick in 2020, is pitching at full season Low-A while just 19, though he’s yet to accumulate more than a handful of innings at the level due to an injury he’s since recovered from. The Bronx native’s value lies with his projectable 6’4” frame and a high-spin four-seam fastball that can reach 95 mph.Solomon underwent Tommy John surgery just over two years ago and has spent much of the 2021 season at Triple-A. Were it not for the elbow injury, the 24-year-old’s profile might seem more enticing, as his talent and minor-league track record are notable. Consequently, his control is not yet where it needs to be.Trades involving a big-name player such as Kimbrel are seldom received by fan bases without some level of contention. Some may think the Cubs will reel in more for their All-Star closer while others will deem this package an overpay of sorts Mike Cuellar Jersey.

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