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         Checking in on some preseason projections

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Checking in on some preseason projections

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Preseason projections were not kind to the Colorado Rockies, and while you may disagree with the severity of the doom that was predicted, it’s hard to say they had no ammo to make those projections. Whatever the case, let’s check in on some of those projections, shall we? There’s only a month left, and the story of most teams and players’ seasons has likely already been written, at least all but the final chapter or so. Let’s kick things off with the standings.100-Loss Season?The big scary mark out of the way first: the Rockies won’t lose 100 games this season unless they go on an unprecendented run of ineptitude from here on out PECOTA projected them to go 60-102, which was obviously an exaggeration, and Fangraphs was somewhere around the 100-loss mark as well. Now, anyone who knew what they were talking about could’ve told you that the Rockies’ rotation was far too solid to allow this to happen barring tons of injuries, but the offense did look pretty grim, so I’ll give those a pass. Still, this barrier was cleared: no 100-loss season on the horizon, which I don’t know if it’s good or bad for the franchise.The Big Misses: Hitters For convenience, I’d classify something as a “miss” when the original projection was at least 1 Elias Diaz Jersey.5 WAR off the final result, and to that end, Ryan McMahon qualifies here: he was projected for just 0.8 WAR and is currently on pace for 2.3 WAR, carried mainly by phenomenal defensive value the projections just didn’t see coming. Elías Díaz has been a surprise as well, projecting to end the season at 1.3 WAR after being seen as barely replacement level entering the year, and Connor Joe is also worth a mention, being projected for -0.4 WAR before we got off the ground while currently on pace for 1.0 WAR, as is Rio Ruiz in the opposite direction, being projected for 1.2 WAR and currently standing at replacement level.The rest of the “misses” have been mostly small deviations. CJ Cron, Charlie Blackmon Colton Welker Jersey, Brendan Rodgers, and Raimel Tapia have performed better than expected, but the the other guys are mostly around their numbers.The Big Misses: PitchersThis is where there’s a pretty bad one.

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